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Image of Silver Clitoris Pendant Necklace
68.00 - 75.00

Silver Clitoris Pendant Necklace

Silver Clitoris Necklace

This small clit pendant necklace made out of sterling silver comes with a silver chain and can be worn every day.
Female Anatomy, the individually handcrafted clit pendant as unique in its natural shape as each clitoris in this world, representing diversity in our own bodies.
The silver clitoris pendant showing the details with anatomical accuracy, adds a subtle statement to your outfit.

Ninalu's first piece in the feminism line, pendant comes on a sterling silver chain with a length of about 45cm.
The small pendant is approx. 12mm in height (incl. bail) and 8-10mm in width
Bigger pendant is about 12mm in width
Materials: sterling silver 925

Nickel free!

Wear this anatomically correct clit necklace as a feminist statement jewellery piece, in female power and solidarity. It is still a small pendant and not too prominent - so it is even wearable in a professional setting and a great conversation starter about body positivity, empowerment and the right to pleasure!
Unfortunately many people still do not know how the clitoris actually looks like - let us change that!

No two pendants are the same and they do show some irregularities and imperfections.
In the pictures you can find a painting of the anatomics and one with the outline of a vulva as well.

As all Ninalu products are handmade, individual and we embrace small irregularities, some pieces might slightly differ from pictures. Of course the sizing of rings and bracelets is accurate but the length of tubes, circles etc might slightly differ. We see beauty in imperfection.

Everything is sent as registered post.
Designed & handmade with ❤ in Berlin

Germany 3.00 €
Everywhere else 6.00 €

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made out of fair & recycled sterling silver

Care (Silver)
Please note the following tips to be able to enjoy your Ninalu jewellery piece for a long time - handmade from sustainable materials for eternity
Store the jewellery pipece as airtight as possible in a dry environment (not in the bathroom), e.g. in a little closed box or pouch.
Sterling silver can tarnish with skin contact and oxidise exposed to air (get a little duller and darker), humid air will catalyse the process. That is a natural process and can easity be solved through polishing with a silver polishing cloth (with polishing paste where necessary). To avoid other chemical reactions and change in colour, please avoid contact with sweat, perfume, cosmetics, oils and creams. Contact to water can be avoided, but in case of tarnishing, you can simply polish it occasionally.

Image of Silver Clitoris Pendant Necklace
Image of Silver Clitoris Pendant Necklace
Image of Silver Clitoris Pendant Necklace
Image of Silver Clitoris Pendant Necklace